Health Starts Outside

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The OutdoorRx Collaborative

is a knowledge sharing and technical support network

comprised of passionate leaders from the healthcare, environmental, and outdoor industries around the country whose mission is

to improve public health through nature-based recreation.

Members have the opportunity to exchange best practices and collaborate with each other through a suite of tools, resources, and events. Where requested, the Collaborative has experts available to provide more in-depth technical support and co-develop solutions that meet your business needs.


Current Challenges

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Of the average American life is spent indoors.

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$117 Billion

Spent annually on healthcare costs linked to inactivity

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U.S. Obesity rates have tripled since the 1970's

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of Americans are depressed as of 2015, a significant rise from 2005, with the highest rate of increase amongst teenagers (12.7% in 2015 compared to 8.7% in 2005).

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1 in 5

older adults are at risk of social isolation.
Feelings of loneliness can nearly double the risk of death.

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is the average age that kids needs to be exposed to nature in order to develop an appreciation for nature and conservation as an adult.


Multi-Sector Benefits
of Investing in Time Outside

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Emerging Science

Health benefits of time spent outside include:


CHanging Healthcare System

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Healthcare systems are increasingly focused on better care, better outcomes, and lower cost, which lends itself to valuing a more holistic, whole-person approach. Walking, hiking, and other activities that take place in nature has been demonstrated by more and more research to be a lower cost alternative than traditional medicine to improve mental and physical health, whether it is through urban green space or big wild nature. 

Access to nature-based recreation and greenspace therefore presents itself as an important social determinant of health.  Now is the time to explore ways to get the healthcare and outdoor industries to work together and reap the common benefits of getting more people active outside. 

Growing Outdoor Industry

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Outdoor industry represents a robust economic power with $887 billion in annual consumer spending, according to Outdoor Industry Association, and a bipartisan voice of advocates for the environment and healthy living.

With the outdoor industry's bountiful variety of businesses as well as community nonprofits, we are presented with an opportunity to equip more people with tailored programming to get active outside. 


The time is now:

Given increasing research evidence about nature's health benefits, our health system's gradual shift towards value-based care, and a robust outdoor industry in the U.S., we are poised to create new partnerships that incorporate the outdoors as a tool to improve health for all. 


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